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Startup people will pay for

Startup people will pay for top level talent unless they can’t find you just don’t try to put money first and make sure you can wait for it to be their idea Startup people will pay for cheap subscriptions unless

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Super Bowl Indianapolis


Once again the creative community in Indianapolis, my home town, is up in arms. Once again a design decision has been made by committee and a poster from Indiana native and respected New York graphic Artist Walter Knabe has been

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First, Plan To Inspire

I was reflecting on some of the lessons I have learned as a musician over the years. It strikes me that there’s organizations that put out derivative and lifeless communications, and then wonder why they are not engaging an audience.

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Building Traffic With Propaganda

I’ve been enjoying this 1928 book by Edward Bernays called “Propaganda”. Especially in light of the Occupy movement and the political season. Reading the book it seems clear that very little has changed in 90 years in the way groups

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Changes on the Blog Here

Bear with me for the holidays while I change the format of this blog. Of course there is a good reason! I’ve survived the first year of working independently. It’s been a roller coaster but I’ve learned so much. Mostly

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Skype, Tungle, LinkedIn – For Sale

Have you seen the news today, that Microsoft is buying Skype for $8.58 billion? Tungle acquired by RIM for an undisclosed amount. Delicious, LinkedIn, all subjects of hot rumors for a long time. Here’s my thoughts: I have to be

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Bass Marketing – Seasoning

It’s easy to say you’re a seasoned professional. But what does that really mean. On this entry of What a Bass Player Can Teach You About Marketing, I discuss Seasoning.

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Get Used to the Shifting Sounds

That sound you are hearing is the new paradigm, and it’s going to get newer.

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Simplifying 3 C’s of Social Content

Our voices individually are small. Use these concepts to increase your effectiveness and engage your customers and prospects.

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