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Businesses seek to grow by acquiring new customers.

First, Plan To Inspire

I was reflecting on some of the lessons I have learned as a musician over the years. It strikes me that there’s organizations that put out derivative and lifeless communications, and then wonder why they are not engaging an audience.

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Infinite Distribution

There a really interesting ongoing discussion on Twitter called #infdist. I encourage anyone interested in the philosophical discussion of connecting creative media to their culture and market, to tune in and follow some of the discussions. My own creative story.

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The Re-Return of Meta Data

I thought this site was interesting: I’ve long thought that meta tags were really underutilized in the ability for websites to communicate important information that would be good for users to find. Like date, country, industry, academic taxonimies, philosophical

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No Stars for You

I had to laugh the other day. I was researching the algorithms that different review sites use in prioritizing some reviewers over others. Turns out that I am not the type they prioritize. Here’s why. I’m a zero stars or

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Skype, Tungle, LinkedIn – For Sale

Have you seen the news today, that Microsoft is buying Skype for $8.58 billion? Tungle acquired by RIM for an undisclosed amount. Delicious, LinkedIn, all subjects of hot rumors for a long time. Here’s my thoughts: I have to be

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Web Designers Work 300% Harder

I realized this week that every web designer really needs to up their game. Let’s be realistic American Web Professionals, there’s never been a time where we have had to compete so hard against the prices and persistence of overseas

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Social Media Gurus (or Swami’s)? Don’t Gag

Don’t gag when you hear the words Social Media Gurus. To me it conjures a world where mysterious realizations take place over long periods of time and with a slavish devotion to a leader. I’m glad to be the kind of guy who transfers knowledge to my client and build some self-sufficiency so that they can manage the parts of social media that they want to manage.

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Get Used to the Shifting Sounds

That sound you are hearing is the new paradigm, and it’s going to get newer.

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Simplifying 3 C’s of Social Content

Our voices individually are small. Use these concepts to increase your effectiveness and engage your customers and prospects.

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Are Your Customers Getting What They Want From You?

Each business should be constantly examining their customer commitments to make sure that they are providing the quality the customer requires. Furthermore, they need to be listening for new ideas and communicating out to their current base of customers and prospective customers.

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