Simplifying 3 C’s of Social Content

I follow Brian Solis and enjoyed his article last week on 3 C’s of Social Content. It isn’t a criticism but with respect that I say his posts are long and detailed with great graphics. So it is in that spirit that I will apply those 3 C’s towards acquiring the right customers for your business. And because every business is different, I’ll go ahead and use Grow Your Base as an example.

Grow Your Base is about Customer Communications. Making sure that your business or organization is engaged with your base. I’m leveraging social content for my clients and myself, with an emphasis on targeting specific communications for platform and message.

Consumption – Just as the body consumes calories to drive the engine, individuals are consuming ideas, information, and entertainment. The Internet offers a dizzying buffet of them all.

My voice may be like a single atom in the universe, but can still have impact. I consume, recontextualize, synthesize and evaluate as an organic creature.

Curation – The nebulous universe of ideas is navigable with a map, or in our case today, with a series of maps, influenced by those around us. Curation makes the impossible – possible. We look to each other as influencers and give value.

In business, as I bootstrap this latest venture, I am educating myself in startups, marketing, and relying on networking to position and define Grow Your Base. As I am influenced by them, I share my influence with them and those who look to me for advice and service.

Content – And thus we write, share, like, and RT. Modern industry rewards those who can speak to influencers and enable the ripple effect that social content allows.

People come to me at a decision point and content is usually not the foremost concern. But keeping and acquiring the right kind of customers requires communication and engagement, and that requires understanding the principles of Social Content.

Remember: each conversation has a ripple effect. One that can potentially lead to growth or disaster. Momentum starts slow, but a disciplined approach can lead to big results for your business.


PJ Christie Global Sales and Marketing Winner of Product Camp Austin 9 - best presentation for Lean Dialog. Capital Factory Panel Speaker - "When and What to Outsource" Full Stack Marketing - this is what the Technology crowd calls it. Holistic Marketing - this is what the Health Care Industry calls it. Startup Ninja - this is what the Startup Team calls it. Matrix Management - this is what the Enterprise calls it. Agile Marketing - this is what disruptive industries call it. My goals are two fold. First to positively transform my community, and to become recognized as one of the top Internet professionals in the country. I want to put these goals to work for you. Specialties: Marketing, communications, content, strategy, SEO, social media, lean customer development, sales, project management, account management, business development, multimedia, music production, creative management, team building, and cranking out web applications. PJ and his wife Andrea have two boys and live in Austin, TX with a couple of cats . His interests include family, music, cooking, biking and being funky.

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